Custom Foot Orthotics

Kelly Isakson, MS, PT has over 10 years of experience casting and fitting custom foot orthotics.  Kelly evaluates the patient’s walking or running mechanics, discusses their symptoms or concerns, assesses the entire lower extremity chain and collaborates with the treating therapist or physician to identify the correct orthotic.  This information, along with a custom cast of the feet are sent to BioMechanical Services Laboratory where the custom orthotics are made. 


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Cost:  $250.00 per pair
For kids under age 16, we offer a special rate of 3 pairs for $300 or 5 pairs for $500 of orthotics.  Parents pre-pay for all 3 pairs or 5 pairs of orthotics then simply contact us to re-evaluate and re-cast when the child outgrows their orthotics.