Pre-operative Orthopaedic Instruction

Free 1:1 Instruction to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery!

Scheduled at your convenience, Moscow Mountain Sport & Physical Therapy offers free, individualized 1:1 time to spend with a physical therapist to discuss your upcoming orthopedic surgery.  They will discuss what to expect while you are in the hospital, instruct you in the exercises you will be asked to perform while in the hospital, discuss how you can prepare your home and family for your return home, answer any questions or concerns you have and can even help you practice using a walker or crutches. You will take away a professionally printed informational folder which includes pictures and instructions for the exercises as well as all the other information discussed for future reference.

Perfect for total hip replacements, total knee replacements, ACL reconstructions, shoulder or ankle surgeries or even scopes.  All orthopedic surgery candidates welcome!