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Tip of the Day
Knee Pain
Knee pain may be caused from a variety of problems:  ligament injury, meniscus damage, muscle weakness or tightness, arthritis, knee cap tracking problems, or possibly even problems in your hip or feet. 

The first 48 hours after a knee injury:

  • Rest, ice (bag of frozen peas are great!), compress and elevate
  • Gently work on bending and straightening
  • If you unable to walk without limping, use crutches or a cane.  *Limping on your knee can make the problem worse.
  • Perform isometric exercises for quadriceps and hamstrings
    After 48 hours, if you are still not able to fully bend or straighten your knee, OR are unable to put full weight through your leg, consult your physician or contact us.

If you are still experiencing any pain or limitation 4 weeks after the injury, consult your physician or contact us to help your recovery

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