New Patients

What you can expect your first visit

On the first visit with us, your physical therapist will complete an “initial evaluation”.  This starts with a lengthy discussion with you about your specific condition, how it’s impacting your life and what you hope to get out of physical therapy.  They will then conduct a series of tests and measures to best determine the underlying cause of your limitation and then develop the right treatment plan, just for you. 

What to Wear on your first visit

It is helpful to your therapist to be able look, feel and watch you move comfortably.  We provide you with gowns and/or shorts, however you are welcome to wear your own clothing. When examining a patient’s low back, we prefer loose fitting shorts or pants.  For women with shoulder or upper back pain, a sports bra or tank top, or our hospital gown is helpful.  Please know that we will respect your modesty and privacy. 

Please fill out and print the following paperwork
*** Please note that we also have a computer-based functional assessment to be completed on your first visit.  If you provide our office manager ( your email, she can forward the survey to you.
***If you are on any medications (especially for patients with Medicare Insurance) 
We need a complete medication list on your first visit including medication and supplements with dosage and frequency.  For example:  Losartan 25mg once per day.
If you are being seen for vestibular (dizziness) treatment also fill out